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Porn Art Erotic Girls
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down4utellme asked: You are so beautiful, gorgeous! Thanks for sharing!

no im not

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I support equality for all..ppilot172

Love to show her some support

oh I’m one of them :-)

Yes, I must. I too am transgerndered.

(via tgurlswirl)

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My pussy juice taste very good on my dogs cock!
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When Mistress told me that I would become Rocky’s little bitch I assumed that she had invited one of her male friends over to have me for the night. God I was half right, it was a male but god Rocky was not what I expected. Something about having that unyeilding relentless dog cock shoved in my ass…The knot pushing harder and harder demanding entrance before it got to big made me more excited than ever. I moaned around my Mistress favorite purple strapon as I sucked it and my little clitty started dripping fluid all over the floor. When the knot popped in and started swelling I went right down into subspace and became nothing but a bundle of pleasure, only able to make little moaning noises as Rocky ravaged my asshole. 
Finally when I came out of it Mistress was holding me in her arms and smiled down at me as she stroked my hair. 
"I think we found a wonderful place for you little pet. You are going to become Rocky’s full time bitch and have your ass ready to fuck any time he wants." 
I smiled and looked up at her with a nod and said. “Yes mistress I would like that very much if it pleases you”  I knew it did because I could still smell her sex, she had cum at least once. That much I could be sure of and that made me proud!

please please!!!??
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Absolutely ;)
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Anonymous asked: why my sister wants me to wear in the evening time always at home of her inner wears

Dont ask “why”, just enjoy. Many many guys would give everything to be on Your place. If You will not carry it on and enjoy it now, after few years You _will_ regret that :)