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Sissy Sassy Girly Girl, your new sexual role

Do you crave to become a Sissy Sassy Girly Girl? Do you want to become just like the girl shown here. Cute and sexy just waiting for her man. Do you want to wear the cutest panties and lingerie. Paint your nails a girly pink, wear some very pretty sparkly pink lip gloss? Do you want to smell deliciously girly as you rub your hands over your perfectly smooth thighs, tracing the outside of your delicate sexy, lacy panties.

Be careful what you wish for, you want to be a girl? What do girls not have? That’s right - A cock. To be a perfect Sissy Girly Girl you must give up your cock forever. You no longer have one. It is now a little girly pink clitty. Your whole sexual orientation must change„ you must never have sexual contact with women in a conventional way ever again. All your pleasure will come from penetration and girly masturbation techniques from this day forward. 

Is this what you really want?? Do you have what it takes to be a very Sissy and Sassy Girly Girl?? If so read on!

Good Then lets begin… Here are a few rules and pledges you must agree to before we go any further. They are very naughty. They are very Girly but thats what you want. You want to be a perfect little sassy girly girl, all pretty in pink looking at cock with a cute lustful look. 

  • Right now you will remove all of your body hair (you will love the delicious results) the only hair you will have will be on your head (this is mandatory, Girls do not have any body hair). From this day forward you will be baby girly smooth which includes your new clitty and now pussy. Just as a sexy, sassy girly girl would be. The only kink to truly express your new sissy girly girl status is to shave your pubic hair into a very girly girl heart shape. To remind you of your new status you must also dye this baby pink. A little pink heart right above your new clit to re-enforce your girly, sassy sissy status. To further the effect and further strip you of any masculinity you should obtain some pink sparkly blush and lightly blush your clitty and now freshly shaven pussy so they are both pink, girly and sparkly.
  • From this day forward you will only wear panties. You will wear as many shades of pink as possible to cover your pink sparkly baby soft clit and pussy. The panties will match your little baby pink heart and remind you that only super sassy girly girls look down and see this.
    • From this day forward you will only ever cum as a girl (Yes you heard me!). You will only be able to masturbate exactly like a girl. This means never stroking your penis ever again. Instead you will be able to use one finger (preferably your little finger) to slowly circle your clit above or beneath your very girly pink panties. In addition you will only be aloud to cum when you are penetrated with a cock shaped object. This will help you associate penetration with delicious girly orgasms. You can use any toys that a girl would to masturbate with like a vibrator or dildo and you can finger yourself like a girl. The Key point is you must only ever from now on cum like a girl. No More touching your cock, you no longer have one!!!

    So this is exactly how you will be cumming from now on just like a proper girly girl.

    In addition when you masturbate you must make very girly girl sounds, you must sound and act like a girl on heat while you pleasure your little clitty and penetrate your sissy pussy. You must watch videos of girls masturbating often and emulate them in all ways possible. IN NO WAY EVER IS YOUR PENIS TO BE STROKED LIKE A BOY EVER AGAIN. You must build very slowly to orgasm just like a girl and at the moment of cumming cry out just as a girl would. You must sound extremely girly girl. 

    Eventually the only way you will be able to cum is exactly like a girl through penetration. you will ride any cock to orgasm with your hands on your baby smooth bottom spreading your pussy to take that cock deeper and deeper until you cry out in a sassy girly girl female orgasm spreading deep from your pussy making you shudder and pant with no control. Completely consumed by your girly desires. This is your ultimate goal to be only be permitted to cum this way. 

    Still want to continue?

    Of course, its not all just about the sex, you need to learn to be more girly genrely, this will only add to your Girly transformation, and turn you into a little girly girl minx. 

    Do you love dressing up and putting on makeup? Well you soon will even if u don’t now! It’s great for sissy girls to express themselves. This will help you come into your more girly girl side!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Substitute clumsiness and jerky movements with graceful and fluid actions. True “girly girls” sort of look like they’re floating.
    • Groom yourself every day. A good grooming routine everyday, is taking a shower, and shaving. Apply body lotion. The last step is perfume. Pick a custom scent for yourself to be your trademark.
    • Look after your hair, get some cute pigtails and dye them pink for extra girly looks.
    • Take care of your nails as well. Treat yourself to a pedicure/manicure. If this is your first time being a girly-girl-in-training, try not to use dark colors like black. Use girly colors like pink, purple, etc.
    • Use mostly pastel colors such as pink and baby blue. Especially pink. Purple is a very pretty color as well. However, you can still wear, red, green, black, etc. Just because you’re a girly girl doesn’t mean you have to wear pink or purple all the time.
    • Get girly clothes - skirts, cute shirts, accessories, jeans, cute shorts…anything bright is good.
    • Keep a diary. Draw girly stuff in it, like hearts, other cartoon characters, flowers and write poems and stories and so on.

    Ok you got the look yet??

    You must stop looking at pussy in a sexual way forever and instead develop pussy envy.Remember from now on you dont get pussy your are the pussy! You new role is as a reciever and you will learn to love it. 

    You badly want a pretty pussy. You look at girls with very pretty pussy’s and instead of thinking of sleeping with them you can only be jealous of their girly moist folds just waiting to accept a juicy cock. You want your pussy to be so extremely feminine, so girly, so sassy, so slutty, just begging and gaping for cock. 

    You want a pussy just like the one in the picture above. 

    You want to look down and just see this, a beautiful feminine girly slutty hole, wet and ready to accept your new man, just to toy with the lips a little to get your juices flowing while you suck your man harder and harder. Getting him hard to slowly slide him in then buck and grind in soft girly moans. Feeling that girly pleasure build inside you as you start to pant and squeal. Starring at him and holding your cheeks apart with your painted nails, gasping not being able to catch your breath as you start to lose control. Then you feel his cock twitch deep inside you and he groans as you feel the splash of his cum filling your sweet sassy pussy. He withdraws and you play with your cum filled pussy using his cum to lube your clit, feeling it seep out and run down your smooth girly girl thighs. Hmmmm.

    Its what you want, the ultimate girly sensation.

    It is very important as a Sassy sissy to always please yourself in a way that will emphasis your sissiness girly girl ways. By always pleasing yourself in a girly, humiliating or degrading way will ultimately lead you only to climax as a girl would. Scary isn’t it sissy? Nonetheless, don’t you dream about being a girly, submissive, panty-wearing sissy anyways? 

    Lets re-cap..

    Every Orgasm you will now have, is going to be as close to the way a girl would cum as much as possible. 

    In truth this is the way you want it, to live as a girl, think like a girl, dress like a girl, move like a girl, shave like a girl, have only the prettiest panties and lingerie (the more girly the better), masturbate like a girl, have sex just like a girl and of course have orgasms just like a girl. 

    you will acheive this buy making sure you follow the sassy sissy girly rules : 

    • Never EVER stroke your penis like a boy. You do not have a penis so this is no longer an option. You only have a clitoris. Your penis is now and forever a beautiful clitoris.
    • You now also have a very pretty smooth silky pink pussy. You love your pussy as it is your primary source of sexual relief.
    • You can only climax while having a dildo, a vibrator, a realistic cock or indeed a real cock deep inside your quivering pussy.
    • You may touch my clit but only with ONE finger at a time. you must not rub but caress with a slow circular motion. This may be done through panties or with them pulled around your thighs. If you want to climax through this method you must observe rule 3.
    • You can only masturbate or cum whilst wearing very cute girly attire. At the very least very sassy and pretty panties and bra.
    • You must be wearing very cute girly girl perfume. Try Lacoste “a touch of pink”.
    • You must pout and round your lips in to the shape of a letter “o” and only make the sound “ohhh!”.
    • You must fantisize about cocks as you recieve pleasure. you want that cock in your pussy to explode inside you
    • At least three times a week you must learn to come from penetration alone, preferably having dry multiple orgasms. Just as a girl would. Touching your clit is forbidden on these sessions. you may however caress your nipples or any other part of your body just as a girl would.
    • When you climax you must cry out and pant (or scream) just as a girl would climax.
    • Of course you must consume any cum produced (this is important) from your (just used) dildo. This must be done slowly and lovingly as you worship the instument of your orgasm.
    • You must observe every one of the above rules if you want any sexual releif. The results are amazing. You will now start to lust over cock. The thought of having sex with women will almost be a distant memory. This conditioning will lead you to acheive almost female orgasms by penetrative sex alone. It is your ultimate goal to only ever orgasm by having a cock moving in and out of you. Unable to cum unless driven there by thrusting cock and the desire to be filled with fresh cum. Hmmm Delicious. 

      The more submissive the sex position the better. You will want to feel totally totally dominated by cock. Have no say in the way you are taken. You will want to present your pussy in the most submissive way possible. Submit to his cock and feel your pussy lips quiver as you cum hard around his hard thrusting cock.The feeling of his cum shooting inside you is one you will learn to crave. 
      So Sissy, so sassy, so girly, your masculinity slips further and further away. 

      One of your favorite positions to recieve cock will be this and it is just simply delicious. It is in the doggy position. You must be standing up and bent over a table or resting face forward against a wall. You must arch your back raising your pussy high offering it to be entered. The most submissive twist is then having to spread your legs and raise them up on to the tips of your toes. You must ensure you keep your back firmly arched and you are on tiptoe the entire time a cock is moving in and out, in and out of your gagging pussy. Try this position tonight and cum hard on your thick realistic dildo. The force of the orgasm will make you scream out in girly pleasure as your knees buckle and you collapse off your toes! Hot girly orgasmic submissive sex all provided by your dildo collection. You are a luck girl. You will soon hope to have the pleasure with a real man.

      • you will become very submissive and obedient
      • you will become extremely feminine
      • your IQ level will drastically drop (you’ll become stupid)
      • you will become very horny and slutty
      • you will crave being dressed in slutty clothes and lots of makeup
      • you will feel your tits grow
      • you will feel your clitty shrink
      • you will swing your hips when you walk (like a whore)
      • you will twirl your hair when you talk (like a dumb ho)
      • you will crave to listen to bubbly female pop singers
      • you will crave bubble gum (and to blow bubbles)
      • you will crave to serve your Mistress (or if you are unowned, then a Dominant Woman you admire)

      Are you enjoying your new life? Are you ready to take things further with a mistress? 
      Then lets meet your new teenage princess mistress……

      Ms Katie will be the ultimate tool in your feminization and emasculation. She is totally in control of you and you have no choice but to do whatever she decides or thinks up. 

      Her first decisions are cruel and straight to the point. You will never be allowed to have sex with her. In fact you will never be allowed to have any sex with a woman again. You will NEVER cum in a woman for the rest of your life. To further add to your humiliation and emasculation you are told that you will also never be allowed to touch your penis or masturbate EVER without her direct permission and it must be in her presence. When you are allowed to touch or masturbate, it will be with one finger only, your little finger. You are also told that you will NEVER be permitted to cum in this way. The only way you can cum is through anal sex by strap-on and it must be administered by her only. you will soon learn that this will be your only form of release probably for the rest of your life!! To aid this you will also be deeply feminized. 

      You must start shaving immediatley. You must be girly smooth at all times. The only hair you are allowed is the hair on your head. This will always be the case from now on. She fully intends to make you her little feminized cock slave. Of course you must wear very cute girly panties forever, she would prefer them to be only pink, lacy and have little red hearts on them. A matching Bra is a must. Around the house you will always be in fully feminine attire. The more cute, girly girl, sassy and sexy the better. You will be know as Sissy Sassy Girlie Girl wanna be. That is your new name and you will live up to it in all regards.

      It gets worse. Because you are now to be a girly feminized sassy sissy, you are totally useless to her sexually. She will fuck you every night while giggling and tormenting you, calling you pussy boy, cock slave, her little fuck toy but she still has needs. Oh yes, she will still fuck other men, still go on dates but she will always come home to you to make sure you are looked after! She fully intends to make you a cuckold bitch. Strip you completely of your manhood. 

      You are to be taken shopping. Dildo shopping to be more precise. She will supervise you as your are made to pick out the perfect dildo to strap in her harnise. You are told you will be going shopping for dildos often. There will be no mistake that these dildo’s are for you. You will be glowing with shame as you are led around the sex store by your cute teenage strap-on mistress. 

      So this is how it goes. Ms Katie comes home from her date. You are of course waiting for her. You are shaved smooth and wearing very sexy, very girly pink lacy panties and matching bra. She comes in with an evil smile and you just melt before her. She sits down and beckons you towards her. She lowers her skirt and panties and orders you to lick her out. She has you lick out all her lovers cum as she reaches for the strap-on harness sitting on the side table. She lubricates it as you lick her out. She asks you if you are ready for your up and coming and very inevitable fucking. This is the beginning of your new life.

      Every nite she will return home and you will have to consume any cum that may have been left in her pussy. You will then be fucked. You will be fucked everynite. But she will ONLY fuck you in one position. To make your humiliation complete you will be fucked by the window so any passers by will see you grinding your pussy on to your teenage strap-on mistress’s realistic cock that you picked out! You are made to lean forward against the window frame, arms out forward to support yourself. She makes you spread your legs, lean further forward and raise your ass while arching your back. She slaps your ass a few times to reinforce the situation before giving her final humiliating command. Before she will fuck you she has you raise your feet off the ground so that you are on tiptoe. A very high tipoe as if you are wearing at least 8 inch heels. She tells you that this is the position you will asume everynite. You will only ever be fucked in this position and you will soon learn to relate it with your only sexual releif. She moved behind you and you feel the tip of her cock against your quivering rosebud, she eases forward and you feel the amazing feeling of her cock slowly filling you up. 

      She begins to thrust in and out, in and out, slowly then faster, back to slow then ups the tempo. She tells you to arch your back more and that you must not dare come off tiptoe. You begin to submit to your mistresses cock, the feeling builds as you begin to pant. Ms Cable realises this and tells you what a sweet pussy boy are. What a devoted cock slave you will become. How this will be the only way you will ever cum, in this position while impaled on her realistic dildo in full view of the street. How does it feel to be fucked by your beautiful cute teenage strap-on mistress? Is it humiliating to know, you will never fuck a woman again but you will be fucked like one in this submissive position every nite?

      Your orgasm starts to build, she tells you that your fucking will continue untill you cum on her cock, she will fuck you for hours if needs be. How humiliating and nasty it will be to be forced to cum in this way. You will cum just like a girl for her. Then it happens, the humilation and feeling is just to intense, her cock is relentless and you feel your pussy spasm around her cock, everything tightens, she senses this and thrusts harder. OMG you are going to cum just like a sissy sassy girlie girl, let me hear you moan like a girl, thrust your head back, back on to my cock, grind against my cock so you can feels my balls banging against you. Its all too much, your knees tremble, then buckle as you strain to keep on tiptoe, then it happens, out of the blue. Your pussy spasms hard, milking the cock inside you, you go over the edge cumming hard around her dick, panting and screaming like a girl. She giggles at you, wow sissy sassy wannabe LOVES COCK. You are going to love feminine penetrative sex, you will crave my cock. Your only release will always be like this. 

      She pulls her cock out and commands you to kiss her ass, then suck her cock clean. Well are you looking forward to tommorow nite??!! This time we might add some cum in to the mix, an ejaculating dildo is going on our shopping list. I can not wait to cum in your pussy! 

      Text is not mine, found it on the internet. original author is sissy Lauren

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